It is with immense sadness and regrets that we need to advise you that

Sir Winston's will not be re-opening.


We took our premature shut down before Christmas as an opportunity to reflect on the direction that we were taking and how we can try to make ourselves

financially stable and ultimately profitable.


We even looked into altering and expanding the kitchen to enable us to expand the menu we were offering and to enable us to open in the evenings as a restaurant, we even got our alcohol license and music license extended accordingly.


However, with December actually becoming one of our worst months in the year, instead of one of our best months and with all the uncertainty still at that time with Covid, our bookings were still significantly down and about to enter into historically, the two worst months of the year, ongoing survival was going to be a problem.


We have spent the best part of the past two months trying to get in place additional funding for Sir Winston, but as soon as it was established that we had limited trading (due to the Covid closures) and the core of the business was within the Hospitality trade, any form of loan or investment fell away, we even looked into Crowd Funding!


Consequently, Anita and I have had no other option other than to turn off the radio, stop making our sandwiches and admit defeat and commence the process of Voluntary Liquidation.


We have now appointed :-


Jamie Playford,

Licensed Insolvency Practitioner,

0800 246 5895

New Broad Street House

35 New Bond Road




Sad times indeed and so much time, energy, money, enthusiasm, and effort, all wasted, and all we have left are very few good memories,

after all, we did win awards and become the No 1 restaurant in Westerham – with all of your tremendous help and support


We shall miss you all!


Anita and John