Local Produce

All of our suppliers are hand picked and tested by our team to ensure the quality is to the highest of standards.

Most importantly, to support our local independent businesses  and that you will like them andjust as much as we do!


Larratt & Co.


Traditional family run butchers located in the heart of the historic town of Westerham, Kent. Larratt & Co offers a wide range of mouth-watering traditional produce which is sourced from around the UK, as well as a tempting selection of sausages, burgers and oven-ready meals, which are all made on the premises.  




Producing exceptional craft beer for the local market, we support the initiative to reduce food miles in the supply chain. Many ‘national brands’ are transported long distances and suffer from poor storage and handling.

Westerham Brewery Company has revived many of the much-loved flavours of the old Black Eagle Brewery, which closed in 1965 following the catastrophic consolidation by the ‘Big Brewers’ in the 1950’s.


The Godstone


The Surrey-based microbrewery was set up in 2015 by Steve Taylor and Anne Jackson.

Both keen brewers and lovers of great beer since their university days, the pair met up again by chance in 2012 and decided to attend a mashing refresher course.

Today, they're more passionate than ever about producing unique and flavourful beers and real ales.




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